Longwood Killyon Archive

A project to Archive the past of a  small Irish parish

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”

Theodore Rooseevelt

Welcome to the Longwood Killyon Archive

Digitalization of  the Longwood Killyon magazine is part of a  project to record and  archive the history and life of a small Irish parish and surrounding areas in south meath.
The magazine published regularly  from  1984 to 2003 with some issues lost down through the years,  it is a record of Irish life in the area in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s you can search and view the documents below.

From the days of the magazine. We are hopeful to continue their good work by part time researching and archiving the history of the parish

We are currently looking for old media, photographs, and video,  relating to the area and  surrounding areas (eg Rathmolyon, Enfield,etc) to add to our archive.
so if you have any  stories and pictures please send them on  to us.
Please feel free to browse and search our archives

Searching  the Documents

Each magazine  has a search function which you can find at the top of its page it a little magnifying glass.
click this and you can search the document for anything.  we hope you enjoy exploring the past and memories

 Longwood killyon Magazine the begining.

At a meeting of Longwood Community Council in 1984 a decision was taken to investigate the feasibility of producing a parish magazine. To this end a sub committee under the chairmanship of Tom Holton was elected. The other members were Fergal Giles, who was chosen as editor, Michael Leonard, Jean Regan, Una Ward, Michael Burke and Jimmy Cleary.

From the first issue in 1984 until the final issue in 2003 a total of 17 publications were produced.

The magazine always offered all local clubs, groups and organizations the opportunity to showcase their activities and achievements. This they did through reports, articles and photos. This copy was always supported and complimented by items on local history, poetry, interviews with older residents and articles from local scribes- based in some cases on matters of fact and others that are best described as ‘tongue in cheek’ .


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